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Saje found himself enchanted with the mortal; her eyes looked lonely. He was a Woodland Fairy. She wished for a May Day Basket, and he made her wish come true, filling her basket with flowers. He watched her sleep. When she saw a naked man standing in her living room, she fainted. A naked man with wings! When he discovered that she had been engaged, Saje found himself angry. Woodland Fairies were very territorial.

Amanda declared her love for him. Saje declared that it was impossible. Females didn’t fall in love with him. It was merely physical. Merely pleasure. Saje tried to stay away from her. It was impossible to deny his love for her.

Deborah Panger writes with imagination, creativity, humor, and passion. Saje is a short book filled with zeal. Amanda is a delightful lead character. She does realize how lovely and sweet she truly is. Saje is an odd character. He is innocent yet naughty. Fans of short steamy books will enjoy Saje.
Date Added: 08/29/2009 by Deborah Macklin
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