Bad Kitty


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ISBN Digital: 978-1-61217-600-0
Page Count: 71
Word Count: 17548
Rating: Mature

(MSRP: 3.0000)

Reformed bad girl Nikki Carson has spent the past year trying to forget her boss's Halloween party and the unbelievable sex she had with her boss's hot twin, Patrick Nolan. Patrick hasn't mentioned that night since, much to Nikki's endless disappointment.

Years of following in the wake of his womanizing brother cause Patrick to wonder if Nikki even knows which twin she slept with. He can't believe she could possibly prefer him over her slick, polished boss. That doesn't mean he's been able to stop fantasizing about taking her again. Against the wall. On the floor. Everywhere.

It's Halloween again, and trick or treat takes on a whole new meaning when Nikki and Patrick go for round two. Especially since Nikki's come prepared with a Domme kitty costume meant to drive Patrick wild. And this kitty's ready to show her claws if she doesn't get what she wants...


This title contains: explicit language, anal sex, and BDSM.

Rosette (73 pages)


He reached up and traced her lower lip with his thumb, then angled down to dart his tongue over the plump flesh. “Been in the punch again. Just like last year. Some kitties never change.”

“Guess not.” Watching him, she lifted the glass and sipped, deliberately letting a little splash her chin. “Oops.”

His chest puffed out. “You’re a tease.”

“Oh no, I’m not. I deliver everything that I’m offering.” She whisked her knuckles over her damp skin and held up her hand, unsurprised when he seized her wrist and licked from the web of her thumb and forefinger to the tip of her nail. Then he started to suck her finger, his gaze never leaving hers as a vicious throb erupted in her core.

She gasped and glanced around, certain everyone would be watching them, but no one seemed to notice as Patrick made her into a feast. They kept dancing and talking, happily oblivious to Nikki’s inner explosions a few feet away.

Not that she’d exploded yet. But if he kept swallowing her finger like that…

He leaned closer and brushed his lips over her temple. He was so tall and big, his hulking body turning her on even more when she could only imagine the ripped planes and contours of it beneath his disguise. “I got you all wet.” He curled her fingers into his large hand, squeezing them. “Sorry about that.”

She set her empty punch glass on a nearby table and then stepped back into the circle of his arms, drawing her tail up between them. She flicked the black pom-pom on the end over his stomach and met his eyes. “Not nearly wet enough. What are you going to do about that?”

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